Introducing the Shwayze Roadhouse BeeMaster 

Meet your new favorite glass dab rig: the Shwayze Roadhouse BeeMaster, handmade in Fort Collins, CO by glassblower and renowned artist Alex Shwayze. 

This is the second time Bee Nails has partnered with Alex to create a game-changing glass dab rig. The Roadhouse is a powerful recycler from the highest quality German-made Schott glass and is already being called the best dab rig of 2020. 

Inspired by his love for the outdoors, the piece features iconic Colorado mountain imagery along with the Bee Nails signature bee. But there’s a whole lot more to this rig than just being damn good looking.


 A few highlights include:

  • An internal drain, which flows through the center of the intake percolator
  • Dual uptake for smooth-hitting, easy draws
  • Lenz 14mm female joint
  • Super efficient design
  • The perfect dimensions and footprint: 11” tall with a 3.5” base diameter

It’s no wonder the hive is buzzing over this rig. 

The Roadhouse BeeMaster is available for purchase on its own or as part of a dab rig kit, the Shwayze Hive E-nail kit, which includes a dab mat, coil, enail set and more goodies.

Alex, whose real last name is Pasquesi, started Shwayzeglass in 2012 as an outlet for his incredible glass-blowing talent. He strives to produce the highest-quality glass art and has worked for big name artists like Big Z, Lucio Bubacco, Loren Stump, Bandhu Dunham and Andy Pollock. We’re grateful to call him a partner and friend of Bee Nails.

For more information or to purchase your own Shwayze Roadhouse BeeMaster, check out our product page