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The Best Temperature to Dab with Electronic Nails


Dabbing E-Nail


Nobody can deny that the popularity of cannabis has skyrocketed in the last few years. As a result, there are more and more new products and ways to use cannabis on the market. Dabbing is one of those new ways people love and talk about these days.

As soon as your dab rig bowl is heated by an electronic nail, you can add your concentrate and inhale the cannabinoid-rich vapor that comes out of the bowl. Perhaps this is why dabbing is such a big deal right now, in more ways than one.

Because the heat temperature you use in your dab directly affects the flavors, smells, and effects of your smoking experience, it's essential to know this. Heat has a significant impact on how terpenes and cannabinoids are vaporized and broken down before they hit your throat.

A Quick Guide to The Best Dabbing Temperatures

New research recently published in the ACS Omega journal by the Portland State University (PSU) suggests that high dabbing temperature causes the release of harmful chemicals. 

Dabbing at the best temperatures is very important if you want to get the most out of your smoking experience. However, very few people who dab know that by changing the temperature of their e-nail or vape, they can keep a lot of their concentrates and get more of the terpenes out of them.


Man Dabbing E-Nail

There are a few questions you need to answer that will determine the kind of vaping experience you will have. They include:

  • How much vapor do I want to take in?

  • What kind of cannabis concentrate do I want to use?

  • How are you going to ingest it?

The best dabbing temperature of your Bee-nail V2.0 may range between 500 and 700 °F. However, it isn't that easy to adjust your dab to it while avoiding toxicant formation.

Why are Low-temperature Dabs the Best?

The cannabis plant has several cannabinoids and terpenes. Each cannabinoid works differently and offers unique effects from the other. However, once you ingest all the cannabinoids, they will provide you with the "entourage effect." 

E-Nail Heating Coil

High-heat dabs evaporate almost all of these plant essential terpenes before they can be inhaled. As well, high-heat dabs can burn the cannabinoids, leading to inhaling burnt matter. 

On the other hand, low-heat dabs taste better, preserve the content of your cannabinoids, and won't offer burns to your throat. 

Lower temperatures keep any unwanted compounds from getting in. The burning in your lungs and throat isn't the only thing you won't like about high-temperature dabs. Most of the undesirable compounds are likely to build up at higher temperatures due to the oxidation of terpenes.

Man High Dabbing

More studies have shown that benzene gas is released at 930 degrees Fahrenheit. The study found that higher temperatures make it easier to ingest harmful chemicals. A terp timer will help you avoid dabbing at higher temperatures.

Most cannabinoids are safe to be dabbed at temperatures below 400°F. THC cannabinoids get activated at about 315 Fahrenheit. The boiling point of CBD ranges between 320 to 356 Fahrenheit. As a result, there is no real reason why you should dab at higher temps.

How Will I Get the Best Dabbing Temperature?

Despite what you may know about the best temperature for dabbing, it's hard to get there. Hence, you should know how to use a electric nail properly.

For example, to dab live resin or rosin, your electronic nail's temperature should range from 550-580 °F. Hence, your electric nail control box will help you ensure the temperature doesn't go beyond 580. Just set the temperature and your enail does the rest. 

Quartz E-Banger

Quartz Bangers for E-Nails give great flavor and are a top choice for many dabbers. 


Take Away

Dabbing at the right temperature is supposed to give you the best smoking experience.

Then, after you read about the best dabbing temperatures and why low temps are better, we think it will be easy for you to choose your best e-nail accessories that you will use for dabbing.