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Same company, higher calling

The heart behind Bee Nail’s new slogan, Bee Your Best

We started Bee-Nails in 2015 to help our colony of cannabis consumers by “revolutionizing the convenience of dabbing.” In other words, we wanted to get people to stop dabbing with a damn (butane or propane) torch! 

Bee-Nails began producing smoking tools and accessories like e-nails, dab rigs, titanium nails, ceramic nails, quartz nails, quartz bangers—you name it. Then, we moved to high-tech portable vaporizers like dab pens and smart rigs

We even sold a portable dab lab that had a rosin press and e-nail built into one product! The point is, we know vaporizer hardware and have been providing premium dab products for nearly five years (take a look at our current list of e-nail products here: https://bee-nails.com/collections/all-e-nail-products and portable pens and products here: https://bee-nails.com/collections/all-portable-products)

In those five years, we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers, hundreds of whom have personally thanked me for providing them with their favorite daily-use product. A tool that has made their lives better and easier. These responses of gratitude led me to rethink the focus of our business from improving products to improving lives—a more challenging but vastly more worthwhile goal.

I want to help people live their best life. I rebranded the company and trademarked the slogan, Bee Your Best, because my purpose, my duty and my passion are to help you become your best self. The reality is, we are all going to die, so why not live to make this life sweeter than honey, my king and queen Bees!?  I looked at my own life. Cannabis has helped me live my best life for over a decade, but it’s just one tool (of many) in my arsenal. Yes, I continue to recommend and advocate cannabis to people for a variety of ailments like stress, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy, cancer, etc. (the list goes on and on). However, I also recommend every other tool I use to “bee my best”, including exercise, nutrition, gratitude practice, public speaking, community, yoga, and meditation. 

In 2015, Bee-Nails started as a vaporizer company focused on revolutionizing the convenience of dabbing. In 2020, Bee-Nails is a lifestyle company focused on helping you revolutionize your life. Bee Your Best! 


At Bee Nails, nothing is more meaningful to us than seeing you “bee your best.” If we have moved you one step closer to fulfilling your unique purpose, then we know we’re one step closer to fulfilling ours.

Behind every Bee Nails vaporizer product, blog post, and support email is a person asking themselves how they can help you make positive progress. That is what energizes us to keep moving forward and designing tools that help you thrive.


Beeing your best is all about presence. It’s about having focus and intention in what you’re doing, when you’re doing it—whether that’s taking a puff and going for a run, tackling a new project, or simply decompressing with a book or TV show. It’s knowing what the moment calls for and showing up with your whole self. 

Only you can cultivate the wisdom to hear what’s calling out to you, when to root down, and when to rise up. We design tools that make it easier to listen to that inner voice and bee your best.