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The Perfect Dabbing Temperature With Electric Nails

Dabbing is one of the most preferred ways to consume cannabis. There is a perfect reason behind that. When you dab your cannabis, you are getting a full taste of the cannabis strain you are using. However, dabbing comes with its own unique set of equipment, such as an electric nail or e-nail...at least if your dabbing at your best. (Torches are not a part of the Bee Your Best lifestyle.)

E-Nail Kit

In fact, the amount of people who are switching over to the use of an electric nail, instead of a torch increasing. However, you are going to be in a position where you will be wondering what the perfect dabbing temperature is to use when you are using an electric nail.

This blog will cover how you can achieve the perfect dabbing temperature with Electric Nails, aka E-Nails.

How Does Dabbing Work?

A dab is a concentrated dose of cannabis consumed through a vaporizer or dab rig. By switching to a dabbing pen, you can take your cannabis experience along with you anywhere. If you like using a dab rig, your best bet is to hook it up to an electric nail for a stationary desktop setup. The e-nail station may not be portable, but it will be more powerful and more accurate for the best dabs.

If you are a seasoned smoker, you probably already know that a regular bowl doesn’t do much for you anymore. You might want to consider switching to dabbing either with a dab pen or an e-nail so that you can get the same high without having to smoke a ton of weed.

The Perfect Dabbing Temperature With Electric Nails:

Too low: 0-300°F

You will not be consuming very much of the concentrate dropped on your nail due to the minimal vaporization of its cannabinoids and terpenes in this temp dab. Also, it will leave a puddle of oil on the surface because of the little vapor. It's not recommended to use your e-nail at this temperature range.

Low temp dab: 300-500°F

Vaporization of cannabinoids and terpenes at this point results in maximum flavor and retention of all cannabinoids. Your e-nail will produce a smooth hit that doesn’t affect your lungs and has a sweet terpene flavor. Though milder than at hotter temperatures, the effects will be pleasing nonetheless.

Medium temp dab: 500-750°F

The ratio of flavor to intensity is good for those seeking a balance of flavor and health at this temp dab. In fact, you will inhale both vapor and smoke when you take a hit at this temperature due to the combination of combustion and vapors. You can consider dabbing at this range if you have strong lungs, or you don’t cough easily.

High temp dab: 750-900°F

Sometimes, the nail glows hot at high temp dab ranges, and combustion occurs often. In fact, the smoke will be thick and harsh, and there won't be much vapor. You're more likely to burn than vaporize, and enjoy your dab when it's this hot. Upon reaching this temperature, it will lose the majority of its flavor, leaving a burnt, bitter, and harsh odor. You might not experience the smoothest dose at this point, even though it is highly effective.

900+°F: Burning the dab Take dabs at these temperatures - they are not comfortable. The best-tasting concentrate will taste charred and acrid when this temperature is reached. Electric nail dab rigs are not built for this level of heat. You will only ever want to crank up your enail this high if you are cleaning certain types of nails like titanium nails.