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We get asked all the time “what is the difference between the GoBee, the GoBee+ and the Stinger?” So we wanted to break down the similarities and differences between these portable vaporizer products to help you find your perfect vape match.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it’s important to know that ALL of our portables are meticulously designed to maximize convenience, safety, flavor and quality. That being said, our three models each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and understanding the pros and cons can help you find the right pen for your preferred dabbing experience.

What is a portable device?
A portable device, also known as a vape pen, is an easily transportable vehicle for on-the-go consumption of loose leaf or concentrate material. It’s the perfect tool to bring along to a concert, hike, beach day or just to keep in your car for those rough days at work.

GoBee Wax Vape

The GoBee
With a beautiful glass mouthpiece, extra dual quartz atomizer and magnetic storage box, the GoBee is just like you—up for anything.
The built-in 1500 mAh battery gives you hours of vape time between charges, and with the new sensor technology, it will never go off in your pocket or bag (meaning less concentrate waste).
The GoBee gets along with everyone. With the 510 thread connection, you can easily unscrew your atomizer from the GoBee base and replace it with any standard oil cartridge, or add awesome attachments like the U-Joint or the Recycler. This is the perfect everyday pen for most consumers.

The GoBee Plus
This is the GoBee on steroids. It has all the same features but with two extra dual quartz atomizers, one extra glass, and a mouthpiece made of indestructible metal, so it can go as hard as you do. Bonus, it comes in gunmetal.

The Stinger
This is the industry's first reliable, reusable and eco-friendly wax cartomizer. You can enjoy all your favorite oils in the wickless 510 oil cartridge and 510 ceramic cartomizer, with adjustable voltage and a multicolor LED indicator to let you know the precise temperature. The “party mode” feature on this pen allows you to use continuous heat and keep the dab going.
The Stinger is our most discreet dab pen—you can fit the 500 mAh battery in the palm of your hand—which also means the charge doesn’t last quite as long as the GoBee. The multicolor The re-loadable wax cartomizer reduces cart waste, so it’s perfect for the environmentally and/or budget conscious consumer.

Stinger GoBee Wax Vape

While each of our vaporizers have different ideal uses, they are all guaranteed to help you Bee Your Best, wherever it is you find yourself.