Now that it’s become apparent just how revolutionary the e-nail has become for the world of dabbing and you know all of the benefits of ditching the torch and switching to e-nails for your concentrate consumption, here at Bee-Nails, we want to make it crystal clear how to go about using one of our enail dab rigs for the best flavor and experience.

How To Use Your E-Nail

Step 1: Choose your preferred Dab Nail

The type of nail you use can dramatically impact the performance of your enail dab attachment, and each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the nail that’s the best fit for your ideal dab.

Quartz Dab Nails:

Quartz nails give you a much faster heat-up time for those situations where you need to dab ASAP (and we’ve all been there).

Ceramic Dab Nails:

Ceramic nails are designed to retain heat, meaning that you'll get a much longer dabbing session out of each use and won’t require as much power to keep your e-rig heated to the optimal temperature. This is ideal for group dab sessions where you want to keep the party going as long as possible.

Titanium Dab Nails:

Titanium nails are much more durable and long-lasting than the alternatives, making them a great option for most enail endeavors. They offer a quick heat up time as well as long session length, giving users the best of both worlds.

Bee-Nails E-Nail Online

Step 2: Attach your nail to your rig

Whether you’re using the enail included in your Bee-Nails hive set or have your own go-to nail, you’ll want to begin by unscrewing all three pieces of your nail. Then, slide the heating coil element of your enail onto the top component of your dab nail and then screw it into the center piece (heat sink) of the nail to hold it in place and prevent the adapter from getting too warm and cracking your glass. 

Next, take your adapter (bottom piece) and screw it together to allow your nail to attach to your enail dab rig. 

Step 3: Connect your enail control unit to a power source

Find a reliable wall outlet for plugging in the XLR cable to charge the e-rig. Bee-Nails e-rigs and battery boxes will last for thousands of hours if charged fully and used correctly. 

Warning: When plugging in your XLR cable, do not press the “Push” button. The cable will click into place when it is secure. When disassembling the XLR cable, gently press the “Push” button and pull.

Step 3: Power up and set your temperature

Once you turn on your enail, it will take about two minutes to heat up to the preset temperature of 710 degrees—what we’ve found to be the ideal temperature for optimal dabbing.  

If you decide you prefer your enail at a different temp, no worries! You can easily increase or decrease the temperature of your e-rig using the arrows located on the digital display. Just press and hold the “>” button for five seconds until the light begins to flash quickly. Wait three to five minutes until the light begins flashing normally.


Step 4: Enjoy the enail experience

That’s it! Season your enail and dab away, just like you did with your traditional rig setup—but without the hassle and major downsides of the butane torch. 

Enjoy your enail and remember, Bee Your Best. 


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