Using E-Nails For CBD Concentrates

Here at Bee-Nails, we love the fact that people nationwide are beginning to use our e-nails for a better dabbing experience with their concentrates. What is still news to many, though, is the fact that e-nails can also serve as a preferred method to take CBD products as well.

As CBD oil is quickly becoming a trending topic, being adopted by people of all ages for its multitude of beneficial applications, many people have been in search of the best way to consume their CBD oils.

CBD Isolates: Much Like Traditional Wax Concentrates

Similar to traditional wax used in dab rigs, CBD concentrates come in the form of thick waxes, shatter, and even isolate that has a white, crystallized appearance. These CBD products can offer a much more pure and immediate rush of beneficial cannabinoids into the body when compared to other variations of CBD oils, and there is no better way to consume them than with an e-nail.


Why E-Nails For CBD?

Bee-Nails E-Nail SetNot only do e-nails offer a much safer dabbing experience through electronic heating rather than an open flame, but they also allow you to avoid adding the unhealthy side effects of torches into the mix. By slowly raising the temperature of your dab nail to the most optimal heat with an e-nail, you can ignite the compounds of your CBD wax without vaporizing the harmful sediments left over from the manufacturing and extraction methods of CBD oils as well as avoid the noxious chemicals found in butane or propane torches altogether. CBD is taken for its health benefits rather than the effects it can have, so why would you ever want to counteract its incredible potential to improve your health by ingesting butane or propane along with it?This is because e-nails provide a method for those who are not experienced dabbers to get the most out of their CBD products without having to deal with the dangers of traditional dabbing.

While on average, the recommended temperature for wax vaporization of any type is in the range of 800 to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, a torch will rapidly heat up your concentrates to over 1700 degrees, leading to combustion of your CBD wax rather than vaporizing it which is much harsher on your lungs.  With an e-nail, you are able to adjust your temperature settings using the controls on the electronic box, which allows you to find your preferred temperature for heating up your CBD isolates or waxes for the best flavor, experience, and health benefits.


How To Consume CBD With An E-Nail

In order to safely supplement with your CBD, it’s advised to begin with smaller amounts. It’s also important to discern how many milligrams of CBD are in your specific product in order to determine how much of it to use in one sitting with your e-nail. While using too much at a time has not shown to have very negative side effects, your body is only capable of consuming so much CBD at a time, so similar to the temperature of your e-nail, it’s always best to start low and go slow for determining what amount works for your specific needs. This way, you save money by getting the most out of your CBD. E-nails can, in fact, provide the most conservative manner of CBD consumption when used properly.

We hope that this information has helped you to discern the incredible pairing that CBD oil concentrates and E-nails can be. If you’re ready to give e-nails a try for improving your CBD experience, browse our high-quality e-nail sets we offer at Bee-Nails and join our colony today!


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