Wax Vape Pen Vs. Wax Blunt: Which Wax Ingesting Method is The Best?

Wax Vape Pen Vs. Wax Blunt

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Wax vape pen vs. smoking a wax blunt, which one will give you a better high experience? When it comes to cannabis concentrates, some prefer one delivery method over the other. However, many don't realize the difference between wax vape pens and smoking wax blunts. In truth, there are several differences that someone needs to take into account before choosing one over the other.

In this article, we will explain what wax vape pens are and how they differ from blunts. Then we'll go over why you might want to switch from traditional smoking methods to vaping. 

What Is a Wax Vape Pen?

Woman vaping using a wax vape pen

A wax vape pen is a small and portable vape device able to fit in the palm of your hand. Wax vape pens are available in many models in the market today. 

Unlike wax blunts, a wax pen is relatively easy to use: just make sure your battery is charged (most models will include a USB charger), load the chamber with your wax, and press the button to start vaping. 

While vape pens have many different components, they're usually simple to assemble and don't require any knowledge about how rolling work (unlike blunts). They're also less smelly than smoking a blunt since they don't produce smoke. 

The vapor you exhale while using a wax pen from your mouth doesn't linger in the air as smoke does. Hence, it doesn't leave behind that signature odor.

Pollinator Wax Vape pen

The Pollinator Wax Vape pen is the most versatile product in the dab industry! Unlike ordinary wax vaporizers, this device by bee-nails has the ability to vaporize everything. Whether it is time for your concentrate, e-liquid, or oil, you can vaporize them in this 3-in-1 multipurpose pen.

Pollinator Benefits:

  • 3 in 1 versatility ( dabs, e-juice, or oils)
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Fantastic vapor taste that is rich in terpene profile
  • Preheat functionality - For fast usage
  • Sleek & discreet design- does not resemble regular dab pens.

With this Bee-nails wax vape pen, you can dab, vape, or dip.

Some of the Wax Vape Pen Pros include:

The wax vape pen is a discrete device with the following benefits:

  • It's small, which makes it portable and convenient
  • You can easily use one on-the-go 
  • It does not require too much maintenance

It would help to note that manufacturers enclose the wax pen's atomizer in ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Hence, there are fewer moving parts to worry about compared to other devices that you can use to vape your beneficial cannabis concentrate.

Unlike blunts and joints, a wax vape pen is approachable for beginners and experts alike; it doesn't require advanced knowledge of rolling or super confusing vaping technology. As long as you know how to push and hold a button you will be good to go!

What Is a Wax Blunt?

What is a wax blunt?

A blunt is an old-style smoking method that consists of rolling up tobacco leaf or hemp paper around your substance of choice—typically marijuana flower and wax—then lighting it on fire down one end and smoking it like a cigarette from the other end. 

The term "blunt" is often used interchangeably with "joint," but there are some critical differences between blunts and joints. Blunts use larger paper or tobacco leaf, which creates a slower burn, while joints use regular cigarette paper, which burns faster. As well, blunts tend to be wider than joints.

As you might expect, there are several benefits that people used to associate with the wax blunt in older times. Some of the wax blunt benefits include:

  • Wax blunts fire up quickly
  • Easy to smoke
  • Affordable
  • Natural feell

Also, wax blunts do not require an e-nail or torch to use. However, do they do more good than harm? We will find out!

Wax Vape Pen Vs. Wax Blunt

Buds vs wax

When choosing between a wax vape pen and a wax blunt, you need to consider whether you want to vape or smoke.

These are two very different things, and you must understand their differences.

A wax blunt is typically made by cutting off one end of a cigar, emptying the contents, filling it with wax, and rolling it back up. 

According to the American Heart Organization, when you light and inhale a blunt, you're inhaling not just cannabis wax smoke but also ash, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals from the cigar itself. It's not good for your lungs. Sure, it'll get you pretty high, but at what cost?

With using a wax vape pen, you're heating cannabis oil or wax into vapor instead of burning it. Hence, there is no actual combustion that takes place.

 You can also regulate the heating process to dab at the best temperature with ease than with an open flame wax joint or blunt. 

Unlike wax blunts which do not have a specified number of hits to offer, you can calculate the concentration of your wax and the dose to ingest by the number of puffs you take. The effects of vaping tend to be better-dosed and longer-lasting than smoking.

Which will you choose?

If You Are a Wax Enthusiast and Want to Smoke in a Discreet Way, Then a Wax Vape Pen is Your Right Choice

Wax vape pens are small, compact, portable, and easy to carry anywhere. Unlike wax blunts that are big and bulky, these pens can be easily stuffed into your pocket or purse. 

Moreover, unlike wax blunts, wax vape pens produce less odor and smoke, making them more discreet than traditional smoking methods. On the other hand, you cannot clean a wax blunt since it will get soggy, while on the other hand, cleaning wax vape pens is relatively easy as they have only 2- 3 parts which you can easily clean using hot water and isopropyl alcohol.

Wax vape pens save time and money as they are efficient in their usage compared to traditional smoking methods like a wax blunt. The reason behind this is that while using wax blunt, you may waste a considerable amount of product due to factors like overburning. In contrast, when you use a vape pen, you can use all of your product without wasting any part of it.


Due to these benefits, we can clearly say that if you’re looking for a better way to ingest your wax, go for a wax vape pen. 

Wax vape pens are stealthy, convenient, and efficient in consuming your wax. Instead of traditional methods like smoking blunt, there’s no better alternative than vaping!