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What Is an Enail Kit?

An eNail dab Kit is a dabber's confidant…. Dabbing technology continues to advance and get better in every aspect. Hence, there is bound to be better, easier, and safer ways to heat your titanium nail or quartz banger for dabbing apart from holding extra-hot gadgets like a butane torch. 

Enail kits or enail dab kits are currently the most effective dab tools on the vape market.

E-nails are easy to use and safer since one can dab under low temperatures. Handling an e-nail doesn't need rocket science. They use a simple working mechanism. In return, they have become a game-changer in the dab industry.

Enail Dab Kit 

An enail kit comprises of the following tools:

  • Bee-Nails E-Nail

  • Nautilus Recycler Dab Rig

  • Power cable

  • PID controller

  • Silicone Container

  • Silicone Mat

  • Trinity Nail Set


A kit may also include a quartz banger or a dab Rig depending on its customization.


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An e-nail is low-temp dabbing equipment that dab rig-owners prefer most. The Bee-Nail E-Nail replaces the open flames used in the past as a source of heating concentrates.

The electric nail has an extra small control box, a digital display for temperature reading, and custom nails with a custom design. 

Bee Nail v2.0

Bee-Nail v2.0

Typically, an e-nail is attached to a dab rig. Once it is heated and hot, a concentrate is placed inside the dab nail that is attached to the dab rig. 

The Bee-Nail Enail cables are moved to the back for a clean and organized dabbing setup. 

E-nails can be plugged into a socket at the wall to power it up. With years of research and experience, the e-nail that comes with your kit ensures you have the most remarkable hits that are equally potent. 

  • PID controller

  • PID - proportional Integral Derivative. The balanced Integral Derivative controls electric appliances' flow, speed, temperature, or pressure.¬†

    A rig on a pid controller

    In an e-nail system, the PID Controller adjusts temperature through its control panel. It connects with a thermocouple sensor that comes with the coil to make it possible. 

    While heating the e-nail, the display panel shows temperature readings as it rises and falls in real-time. The PID is considered as the "e-nail's brain."

    A standard PID connection has five pins at its female joint. Hence, great room for customizing equipment.

    The controller has a switch on its unit, which controls power flow.

  • Nautilus Recycler

  • Curved Nautilus recycler

    Nautilus Recycler

    A Nautilus Recycler Dab Rig is a specially designed glass that filters water while dabbing. The over two feet curved instrument eliminates the need for a fancy percolator through the tubing. 

    The device has three similar but separate tubings through which air is churned. 

    Nautilus Recycler Features:

    • Height: 8 inches

    • Scientific Glass

    • Joint 14mm female

    • Base Diameter: 4inches

    Apart from its beautiful curves and a unique design that satisfies craving souls while dabbing, it overs cool and clean smoke hits- a reason why you shouldn't miss it in your enail dab kit.

  • Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil

  • Unlike the PID controller system's five pins with a female joint, the Kevlar-wrapped heating coil had a male joint. Hence, it fits perfectly with the PID's XLR joint.

    Bee-Nail heating coil

    Bee-Nail Heating Coil

    The Heating coil is available in a:

    • 10 mm flat size (least popular as It does not fit our nails and is used with older style dab nails)
    • 20mm V 1.0 - a 20 mm heating coil that fits all of our nails and is used with the older V1 model
    • 20mm V 2.0 - a 20 mm heating coil that fits all of our nails and is used with the newest V2 model.
    • 25mm Heating Coil - Special heating coil for the 25mm Quartz Banger. Only made for the Bee-Nail V2

    The Kevlar instilled on the cables will always remain cool and calm. The coil will always be hot when in use. Hence, ensure it's on your nail before powering it.

    Wrapped heating coil

    The heating coil has a thermocouple sensor that detects even the slightest temperature change. Hence, it sends real-time temperature measurements of the coil to the PID controller. 

    The PID controller will then display the temperature readings from the hot coil on its digital screen.

    A heating coil with a well-labeled male joint

    A kevlar-wrapped heating coil operates like any home appliance that uses a thermal short-circuiting mechanism while heating. Examples include a toaster and a hairdryer.

    The current causes thermal short-circuiting to heat the coil, and it gets hot in return. Afterward, it passes the heat to the titanium nail or quartz banger.

    The heating process is controllable and gradual to ensure a safe dabbing experience with your e-nail.

  • Power cable

  • The power cable connects the PID controller to your wall plug or power socket. Power cables come in several plug formats that depend on the country you reside in.

    Bee-Nail power cable

    Bee-Nail Power Cable

    Our heavy-duty Bee-Nails Power Cord is five feet long with three prongs. While dabbing, ensure your e-nail is connected to an outlet. It will help minimize the chances of your fuse blowing up, unlike when connected to a power strip since e-nails have high voltage.

  • Silicone Mat & Container

  • Bee-Nails Silicone Mat will help keep your e-nail dab kit and station clean. The silicone container is non-stick. Hence, you can use it to store dab concentrates after dabbing.¬†

    Silicone mat and container

    Silicone Mat & container

    With its non-stick and shock absorbent surface, the accessories will ensure you have the best dabbing environment. Mats and containers are available in several colors online.

    New Dab-User Tips

    While the heating coil is on, do not touch it! Usually, the heating coil is hot as the kit is running. If you dare touch it, a bad day will be your portion.

    Do not Use A cracked banger! Check for any minor cracks on your quartz banger. Cracked quartz bangers can explode, leading to hazardous accidents. Checking for cracks applies to all quartz bangers, not only e-nail kits.


    Do not touch the dab nail or heating coil immediately after turning the PID controller off! A little unpacking and cleaning is something you might love to do after finishing dabbing. It would help if you noted that your nail and coil will still be hot even after turning the controller off. 

    Ensure you disconnect power cables, let them cool for at least twenty minutes, then you can go ahead with cleaning. 


    E-nail dab kits offer maximum safety and comfort while dabbing to the best of our knowledge. 

    We will be publishing subsequent blogs on dabbing, so how about staying tuned if you are interested in these topics?