What Is The Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Indica vs Sativa

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We have just barely explored the advancements made possible by cannabis and electric nail use in dabbing. As it turns out, cannabis exists in different strains, and each strain is rich in a unique cannabinoid or an array of cannabinoids. 

There is a difference between Sativa and Indica strains of marijuana: Indica strains tend to have a sedative effect on people; they're most commonly grown for their calming qualities. Sativas, on the other hand, tend to be more energetic; they make people feel alert and awake. This is very generally speaking. 

Regardless of the effects, what are these strains exactly? Read on!

What is Cannabis Indica Strain?

Indica cannabis

Indica is a strain sourced from cannabis plants that are Indica dominant. The strain is native to India, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan. The Indica plants are well adapted to the harsh, turbulent, and dry climate typical of the Hindu Kush mountains.

When you smoke a cannabis Indica strain using a dab pen, vape pen, enail, or simply just an ol fashioned pipe,  you feel relaxed, contented, sleepy, and hungry. It may as well help reduce nausea.

What Is The Cannabis Sativa strain?

Cannabis sativa

Sativas were initially cultivated for fiber, often called hemp, due to their similarity. Cannabis Sativa is primarily found in hot and dry climates which experience long sunny days.

Sativa strains are resistant to mold but not frost and are -shallow maintenance plants. Hence, perfect for outdoor cultivation. Their flowering period varies from 8 to 14 weeks, depending on light conditions. The flowering period also depends on THC content. 

Many Sativa dominant strains have similar names but not necessarily identical terpene profiles. Many well-known Sativa type strains that you may use with an e-nail or dab pen include:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Blue Dream
  • Critical Mass x Skywalker OG Kush( OG Kush originated in Afghanistan while Skywalker originated in Ecuador)
  • Harlequin – a Sativa hybrid-specific to Holland; 
  • Northern Lights – one of the most famous weed

Sativa Strains Effects

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energetic effects. People turn to Sativa strains to seek relief from depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, and migraines.

Though less common than hybrid or Indica strains, Sativas are a valuable option for cannabis concentrate consumers looking to maximize the benefits of their medicine without experiencing the typical "couch-lock" effect associated with Indica strains.

Sativa strain provides an uplifting experience that may induce creativity, boost your mood, and even help you to focus while having sex. Sometimes you gotta spend some more time on foreplay baybay!

How Does Sativas Grow Compare to Indica?

Sativa plants grow to be tall and skinny with narrow leaves and loose, airy buds. Some strains can grow upwards of 20 feet! 

These are ideal for growing outdoors in warmer climates. They will take longer to flower than their Indica counterparts but can produce much higher yields. Also, they benefit from a more extended vegetative stage.

Learn how to dab at Low temperatures.

Indica plants tend to be shorter, bushier, and broader than Sativas. They have broader leaves that are usually a darker green color. Indica strains are best for indoors or in cooler climates because they have a smaller yield than Sativas, but they flower faster

How Do You Know If a Cannabis Strain is Sativa?

On the surface, it's easy to tell a Sativa plant from an Indica plant. Sativa plants are tall and thin. Indica plants are shorter and bushier.

Sativas also tend to be lighter in color than Indicas. Most of their branches grow upward instead of drooping downward, as Indica branches do. Some varieties can even appear a bit "lacy" because they grow so long without having other branches fill out the spaces between buds.

Once you get down to the leaves, it gets harder to identify whether a particular strain is Sativa or Indica. Almost all strains now have some genetic markers that allow them to crossbreed with both types of cannabis plants—even though they may predominantly carry one type or another.

The vast majority of strains will have longer and thinner leaves if they're predominantly Sativa and shorter, fatter leaves if they're predominantly Indica.

Sativas also tend to have fluffier buds than Indicas because their leaves are less dense overall than their counterparts.

Sativa vs. Indica Cultivation Differences – Growing Environment

Sativa and Indica growing conditions

Sativas need a lot of light, so growing them indoors or in northern climates is difficult. They also have delicate flowers that are more susceptible to mold and pests. So, they're better suited to outdoor growing, where they can receive full sunlight.

To grow cannabis Sativa plants outdoors, you need a long summer season with minimal rainfall, which is why Sativa strains usually thrive in equatorial climates like Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Philippines.

It takes a long time for Sativas to mature – much longer than Indicas – and their buds tend to be less dense than Indicas. To top it all off, Sativas require more space for cultivation than Indicas.

How is Finding and Growing a Quality Sativa Strain Different from Indica Strains?

Unlike most Indica strains, Sativas are challenging to grow. They are very tall and spindly and must be topped numerous times to control the plant's height properly.

Sativas also take longer than Indicas to finish flowering, meaning growers will have fewer harvests per year. Additionally, Sativa plants require more space and light than their Indica counterparts. 

Due to their shorter flowering period, Indica plants typically have higher THC levels than Sativa strains. Honestly though, if you are dabbing some premium concentrates off of your e-nail, you are likely going to experience high thc levels either way. 

These factors make finding, and growing quality Sativa strains harder than many other types of cannabis. Still, if you have access to a good quality Sativa strain, it can be well worth the effort!

High-Quality Sativas for Relaxation, Creativity, Energy & Cerebral Energizing Effects

The best e-nail kit strains for an energy boost are high-quality Sativas like Dinafem's White Widow, which is most known for its cerebral energizing effects and high-CBD potency. 

Dabbing concentrates from this strain will leave a pungent aroma similar to freshly cut grass. Its effect will make you feel alert, creative, and ready to tackle your daily tasks. It will also help you relax, especially if you've been stressed out recently or regularly work with lots of people.

E-nail Kit For Your Best Cannabis Strain

 E-nail kit for sativa and Indica

The Bee-Nail E-Nail kit is an excellent choice for those who want to pursue creativity while working on projects with friends, hanging out with family, or even just enjoying dab.

Our dabbing accessories could  provide you with a slight body buzz, a boost in creativity, and sometimes even feelings of ecstasy. 

With potent hits, you will receive cerebral energizing combined with bodily relaxation. Our e-nail accessories are perfect if you're socializing with friends or working on something with others around you without feeling overwhelmed by the stress of the situation.

The legality of Indica and Sativa

Cannabis legality

While cannabis is legal in most of the US for recreational and medical use, it's still illegal to grow cannabis in many parts. You could face steep fines or jail time for growing in certain areas.

It would help if you did your research on the legality of growing cannabis where you live before attempting to do so.

Of course, there are many countries where growing cannabis is legal. For instance, in Canada, one can grow up to four plants per household without criminal charges.

Takeaway: Which Strain Is Better?

You may be asking yourself, "Which type of cannabis should I choose?" It's the question we hear most often. Given that you already know how to find the best dab nail for that strain, the answer depends on what you want to achieve. 

Each cannabis strain manifests different effects. If you're looking for an overall body high and pain relief, an Indica is best. But if you're looking for a more energetic experience with the best dab nail, Sativa is an excellent choice.

Indica strains are typically more accessible for beginner growers than Sativa strains are (with some exceptions). Indicas require less attention during the flowering stage than Sativas do; therefore, they are more forgiving of mistakes made by new growers. 

Would you be having any Indica Vs. Sativa questions while using a wax vape pen? Do not hesitate to contact us!