When Did Dabbing Weed Start?

When did dabbing of cannabis concentrates start?

When did dabbing of weed start?

Dabbing of cannabis concentrates is the most recent development in the cannabis world. Even though concentrates like hash oil existed from the 1st century, it was just recently that refined dabs gained immense popularity with connoisseurs that we are witnessing today.

Nowadays, many people simply seek something less intrusive than combustion. While smoking cannabis has a rich history and has been around for the longest time, dabbing is a more efficient way to get high and can be more potent than the smoking weed itself.

The History of Dabs

History of dabs

The phrase dabs arise from the act of ingesting highly concentrated cannabis using special tools called dab tools. Some of the legal cannabis concentrates include hash oil, distillate, wax, and shatter. 

Dabs came into existence in 1970. However, they disappeared until recently when they started becoming popular. It is dizzying to imagine that people started using cannabis concentrates just a handful of decades ago.

The first modern-day dabs were made using butane as their solvent. It was not until 1999 that Erowid published the “Hash Honey Oil Technique”. The popular online library describes the modern-day extraction of dabs. 

Butane is a very potent solvent that's not safe for home use. Several novice BHO has recently blown up as a result of the flammable butane. These early dabbers used harmful blowtorches to heat their nails while inhaling vapors into a glass bong or dab rig.

In a 2005 Cannabis Culture article, The "Beautiful Budder" showcases a dab-badder oil that Budderking- a Canadian citizen - made. 

When Did Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates Become Popular?

 Popularity of cannabis concentrates

In 2010, BHO (butane hash oil) cannabis products found their way into the Cannabis Cup by High Times. Ever since, dab manufacturers, consumers, and dab tool online stores continue to serve dab lovers with flavorful and potent dabs that come in several forms.

Today, you can access multiple types of cannabis solvents and quality dab accessories designed for dabbing. With the advent of erigs and e-nails that do not need actual combustion to consume dabs, dabbing is now safe. Hence, one doesn't have to be a pro to get the best out of their cannabis concentrate.

What Dab Will Get Me the Highest?

What Dab Will Get Me the Highest?

Dabs are known to be more intense than smoking flowers or edibles because they contain a higher concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. 

Several kinds of dabs are made from different types of cannabis extracts. However, concentrate dab manufacturers are now producing the most potent 99.9% THC dabs called THC-A crystalline.

These incredibly potent cannabis concentrates have 99.9% of THC-A cannabinoids. The crystal-like THC product is one of the purest forms of dabs on the market. However, it is relatively expensive. 

As you may be expecting, THC-A Crystalline may have intoxicating properties of misused. However, users report a fresh and clean high that rejuvenates and energizes. While crystalline dabs get users the highest within a short time, it is popular amongst the medical cannabis community since they may help patients deal with pain. As well, unlike tobacco smoking, cannabis dabs do not cause bronchitis.

Best Dab Accessories

If you intend to jump into the world of dabbing, you'll need some tools. There are dozens of options on the Bee-nails online store, but we've narrowed down the best dab accessories for a newbie.

Dab Rigs


The bee-rig dab rig is your ultimate rig as a novice. It can also be an addition to a veteran's dab collection. Some of the outstanding features in the Bee-nail dab rig include:

  • 4 inches wide (base diameter)
  • Height: 8 inches long
  • 14mm female joint 

The Bee-rig dab rig has a scientific glass that offers clean and potent hits. Buy the Dab rig, and you will understand why it was recently ranked the best. 

Dab Nails

dab nail

Trinity Nail Set

Choosing the best dab nail for dabs is one of the most complex engagements in setting up a dab station. You may spend several hours trying to pick the right e-nail than just buying a nail for the sake. 

E-nails are not similar to traditional nails and are an essential tool for any dabber who intends to enjoy their session. With the best dab nail, you can quickly get dabs on them without worrying about spilling any concentrate or messing in general. 


quartz banger for clean dabs

E-banger nail

E-nail bangers are great if you like more precise dabs. Bangers are made from quartz, ceramic, or titanium. Quartz bangers are typical with novice dabbers. 

A clean banger gives you more control over how much vaporization takes place before passing through into your lungs. Hence, no product gets wasted.

The video below guides you on how to start dabbing weed with your banger. 

Conclusion on When Did Dabbing Weed Start

With our best dab accessories, the world of dabbing weed that started in the 1970s is better. As we have seen, there are many more benefits to dabbing cannabis than just getting stoned faster. 

Whether you're looking for an alternative method of consuming your favorite herb or want something new, dabs may very well be what you need. There's nothing better than the first-hand experience in the Bee-nail dabs. So, check out our collection today.