Who Invented Cannabis Dabbing?

Who invented hash oil dabs?

Who invented dabs?

Dabbing is a relatively new phenomenon, but it's already considerably impacted the cannabis community. According to research, taking dabs is one of the safest and quick ways to experience THC effects.

Dabbing involves heating isolated parts of cannabis flowers and concentrates with different materials so that they produce vapor when inhaled. It's also possible to consume dab wax using an e-nail or other portable devices that heat up as you inhale through them.

Read along as we explore the inventions of cannabis dabs, discuss how dabs became popular, and give suggestions on some of the best dab accessories in the market.

Who Invented Dabs?

Invention of concentrate dabs

Dabs are considered a modern development—however, their production and use date back to the 20th century. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love invented cannabis concentrate dabs in 1970. The revelations of the organization being behind the advent of dabs were made on October 3, 1973, when the US Judicial Senate Committee held a Hashish Smuggling & Passport Control hearing.


In the early 1970s and partially late 1960s, an infamous network of LSD evangelists and cannabis smugglers flooded the US with marijuana and acid. However, subsequent attempts to tame them followed with arrests and criminal charges.

The organization's smuggling activities were first noted in Afghanistan. The nation was peaceful by then as the arrival of “hippie tourists” from Europe, and the United States were welcomed whole-heartedly.

Smuggling of hash and passports

The Brotherhood of Love's early years of operations were characterized by massive hash production, which was a heritage to the population. The organization learned that selling low-quality hashish to the Western market would fetch them a fortune, and they didn't hesitate. 

The reason why selling hashish was lucrative was because quality cannabis was hard to come by. However, their business continued to get complicated despite their tremendous expansions to several states. Hence, they had to concentrate their hash before exporting. Concentrating hash would make it easier for transportation without detection.

Who Invented Butane Hash Oil?

The DEA credits Ronald Stark as the man who invented BHO (butane Hash Oil) and modern-day cannabis concentrates. Ronald Stark was the chief chemist in The Brotherhood’s smuggling organization. 

The Brotherhood used to receive a constant supply of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) from Afghanistan's Kabul. Unfortunately, the supply was cut off by an explosion at the facility, which saw them shut down operations. Hence, the supply of BHO had to be discontinued. THC levels in their cannabis oil would range between 10%-30% during this time.

As the general public caught wind of these new concentrates, publication firms began describing their existence and how concentrates are produced.

Some joint publications include The Art of Modern Hashish Making (Gold,1973) and Marijuana chemistry (Michael Starks,1977).

The 1973 publication details the process of creating honey oil using activated charcoal and pure alcohol. On the other hand, the 1977 publication describes hash oil creation using solvents.

Wax concentrate

Modern Cannabis Concentrates

In 1999, Erowid, a well-known science website, started providing information about concentrates and psychoactive cannabinoids. The eye-opening publication “Hash Honey Oil Technique,” describes the contemporary extraction process of hash. 

Open-blasting of butane led to the production of sophisticated and advanced systems through which solvents are captured and then recycled. However, the open-blast extraction process is dangerous because butane is flammable.

Recent developments have seen governments legalize cannabis use. Hence, a win to the dab community since they can buy dub tools online, fetch a concentrate from a cannabis dispensary, and dab legally.

Best Dab Accessories for Dabbing Concentrates

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The colony educates the dabbing community about the vast dab practices and how you should consume cannabis concentrates safely. To foster an informed society, we educate the vaping community as a whole through exclusive dab guides.

Some of the best dab tools that have evolved tremendously since the invention of dabs include:

  • Terp Pearls
  • Carb carps
  • E-nails
  • Bee-rig dab rigs
  • Bangers
  • Wax vaporizers and pens

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As cannabis concentrates dabbing continues to be embraced by more people, methods of making dabs are also advancing. The history of dabs is a fascinating one, and for sure, the process is still evolving. 

With such a wide range of tools available, it is not by surprise that dabs are the most famous invention in the 21st century. What new tool would you like to see in our online store? 

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