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Why I Ditched My Medication and Switched to E-Nails and Cannabis


Seven. That's the number of medications I was prescribed from my doctor's for "everything that was wrong with me." I always had faith that the healthcare system knew what they were giving me. They knew it was what would fix my issue, and I had no reason not to trust them. I mean, they don’t use the phrase “don’t worry, I am a doctor” for comfort, just for sh**ts and giggles, right?

But then I started looking into side effects from all the prescriptions I was using. Many of which were causing side effects that the others are supposed to be treating! I know everyone has a different need and opinion when it comes to medications.

I personally prefer to put things in my body that God grew on this earth (to the best of my ability, because oh my goodness--donuts and fries.) I just knew the prescription route wasn't for me. Especially after I did my research on the medical benefits of marijuana, and realized all of my issues could be eradicated by this one flower.

Then I tried cannabis on my brother’s E-Nail, and not to sound too dramatic or anything--but my life actually changed forever.

*Hit my Portable Vape Pen*

No longer did I have unmanageable anxiety attacks when I thought about going outside. Severe Social Anxiety-Med#1

No longer did I have this constant negative, depressed-cloud-of-dread controlling my life. Depression-Med#2.

No longer did I feel constantly dizzy, unfocused, and disoriented from my low blood pressure because my wax dab pen naturally stabilized my blood pressure and helped prevent my passing-out spells. Hypotension & Orientational Syncope- Med#3&4.

No longer was the constant nausea preventing me from being able to eat or to even feel hungry. I finally had my appetite again! Gastritis in Stomach, intestines, and esophagus -Med#5.

No longer was the overwhelming and frustrating lack of focus something that prevented me from being able to get something done. ADHD-Med#6.

No longer was the constant pain in my back debilitating enough to stop me from doing my day to day activities. Moderate Scoliosis-Med#7.

Being able to eradicate chemicals in my body felt more incredible than I thought. I didn't realize how much it took away from me, even if it also took away the symptoms. Cannabis and CBD products helped me find the cure in my mental health.

Cannabis has allowed me to enjoy everything in life again. Music sounds better and is easier to dance to. Colors are brighter and you see them in a new perspective. Moments are funnier, and you cherish them deeper with people connecting on a different level with you. And oh. My. Gosh--the food. The food is going to be the best thing you have ever tasted. Marijuana has become my new medicine.

I have become comfortable being what I like to call “perpetually stoned.” And since Marijuana isn’t addictive and harmful long term like the prescription drugs I was once taking, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone else may have a desire to do the same thing. Using my electric dab rig has become part of a relaxing routine for me that helps ease my anxiety before I even take a hit.