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Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! This holiday, held every year on the second Monday in October, celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.

This year, more states, cities and communities than ever will observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day in place or in addition to Columbus day—part of a movement to recognize a more complete version of the history of the United States, including the resilience and diversity of this country’s native people.

At Bee-Nails, we believe the truth is powerful, even if it makes people uncomfortable. Understanding our true history—including the ugly parts—is the only way to move forward as a more complete, integrated colony. This is why this year we are celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and sending gratitude to all the native people whose traditions, beliefs and cultures we’ve learned and gained so much from.

Given research showing that the majority of state and local curriculum standards end their study of Native American history before 1900, the importance of celebrating the survival and contemporary experience of Native peoples has never been clearer.

We promote including Indigenous perspectives to provide a more complete narrative when learning and teaching about Columbus. We encourage people everywhere to advocate for Indigenous Peoples' Day as a replacement for Columbus Day in their school, city, state, and beyond.


Before you switch on your e-nail today, take a moment to reflect on the history of today before taking your first dab. Remember, we are all one.

So #BeeYourBest and honor this day, and acknowledge our true history however you’re able.