Will Dabs Make a Room Smell?

A wax vaporizing while releasing smoke to the air in a room

Will Dabs Make a Room Smell?

Smoking weed on its own is great, but if you want to get the most out of your cannabis, you need to find a more intense way to consume it. That's where dabs come in.

Dabs are incredibly potent forms of cannabis that can offer an incredible high. But, they also have their fair share of drawbacks. If you're thinking about trying dabs, it's essential that you know what they are and if they have any smell that you should deal with before getting started.

What Are Cannabis Dabs?

Cannabis flowers and dabs smell when burning.

Dabs are concentrated cannabis extracts, as already mentioned in our “Dabs vs. Carts” article. Dabbing is a way to consume cannabis concentrates. In making dabs, the active ingredients in the cannabis plants are extracted to form a sticky and consistent product rich in THC. To produce vapor, you can heat the concentrates with an e-nail or a wax vaporizer, as in the video below.

The majority of dab users use a dab rig. The Bee-nail Dab Rig is a dab accessory tool similar to a water bong, but it's specially designed for filtering dab vapor as you pull potent ribs. But does the dab vapor smell just like cannabis flowers?

Do Dabs Smell?

Do dabs smell?

Yes, concentrate dabs smell and will make your room smell. Your dab will smell like its dominant terpenes. The dab smell's intensity depends on the concentrate you use. If you’re using a low-quality wax, it will linger for hours.

If you use high-quality concentrates, the smell won’t be as strong, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you have very sensitive allergies. It might help to note that dabs produce less odor than smoking actual cannabis flowers. Hence, dabs are a better way to ingest cannabis if you live with someone who does not like the smell that cannabis buds produce.

The other factor to consider is how much heat you use and the smoke your dab rig produces when dabbing. High temperatures will likely burn your dab concentrates, leading to a “burnt” smell filling your room. Hence, we encourage the use of low temperature dabs that will offer you the best experience and preserve the terpene profile of your product.

Lastly, the size of your cannabis concentrate dab plays a role in the strength of the smell and how fast it diffuses. Naturally, small dabs will produce a less intense smell as big dabs are likely to have an intense natural smell of cannabis terpenes. You may consider using smaller dab sizes to allow them to vaporize evenly, producing a less harsh smell.

Dab vapor diffuses quickly regardless of where you are dabbing, whether in a big or small room. You shouldn’t be worried because it will fade away soon.

Do E-nails, Electric Nectar Collectors, and Dab Pens Smell?

a complete e-nail kit from bee-nails

E-nail Kit

An e-nail is a great way to reduce the smell of your dab rig. It heats up quickly and efficiently, and you can set it to whatever temperature you want. 

Furthermore, our e-nail kit has a PID controller that monitors the temperature of the nail so that it never gets too hot. This means there's less chance of burning yourself while using an e-nail, which means fewer burnt fingers. If you're looking for smoother hits and more efficient dabs without having to use a torch or lighter every time, then an e-nail might be right for you.

"When I smoke weed now, I just go straight for dabs." - Snoop

Electric nectar collectors and dab pens also offer a discreet way of ingesting dabs. They are small in size and easy to travel with. But do dab pens smell

Yes, dab pens smell. However, dab pens are less smelly than traditional rig setups. They help you get high and feel better faster than smoking flower, which means more time enjoying yourself, being productive, and feeling good.

How to Reduce the Smell of a Dab in a Room

Instead of using a metal nail, purchase quartz e-nails which are both odourless and easy to clean. Also, ensure you clean your dab accessories before dabbing cannabis concentrates. You may also buy an ash catcher so that all resin is caught instead of falling onto the floor and making your room smell like dabs. Other ways to reduce the smell of a dab include:

  • Open Windows

Opening windows enhances air circulation. You can also use a fan or air conditioning unit near the area where you're doing your dabbing. A fan can help circulate air throughout the room. The smell of a cannabis concentrate dab doesn't linger for long in a well-aerated room.

  • Clean Your Room After Dabbing

There's no reason for your materials to be on the floor or ground after finishing your dab session. So, sweep up any stray dab materials and dump them in a safe place, away from your room. If possible, try using lower temperatures when dabbing so that the smell doesn't linger too long after your session is over.

  • Use a Sploof

Sploofs are homemade tools that cannabis dabbers use to trap the smell of terpenes and limit the obvious dab smell. A single sploof can last you for 2-3 dabbing sessions. According to scientific research, sploofs can reduce the smell of a dab by up to 80%.

They come in different shapes and sizes, but most are cylindrical and come with a hole cut out so you can exhale dab smoke through them. You can also purchase a portable sploof, which is just as effective as its larger counterparts.

  • Use Air freshener or a Scented Candle

Lighting a scented candle will help reduce the smell of a dab in your room after dabbing

Candles will help eliminate any dab odors in your room and make it smell fresh again. If you want to keep the smell at bay for longer than a few hours, try using an air freshener that doesn't contain chemicals.

Air fresheners are a great way to keep your room smelling fresh without worrying about damaging your health or the environment.

Takeaway on Will Dabs Make a Room Smell

Dabs will make your room smell, but the smell is not strong as smoking cannabis flowers and buds. So, be sure to keep that in mind before deciding on whether or not dabbing is right for you. 

If you decide to try it out, you may use sploofs, open windows, and light up candles to reduce the smell in your room. 

Dab pens and e-nail kits are even discrete options to help you keep the dab smell at a minimum. If you want the best dab accessories that do not produce a strong smell, check Bee-nails store. You may as well Contact Us for specialized advice.