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So you’ve bought a Bee-Nails dab rig kit or vaporizer pen for wax and are looking to represent the colony - luckily for you, we have plenty of stylish ways to show off your love for wax while still looking chic and suave.

If you’re trying to represent the dab vaporizer life, check out our aptly named “dab life” all-over print shirts, leggings, and backpacks. These jazzy pieces of concentrate apparel will spice up your style and subtly hint at your love for dabs to other partakers out in the wild…

If you need something warm for breezy summer nights or those freezing winter ones, our line of bee-nails socks are custom-made, incredibly comfortable, and a subtle way to show off your love for our vaporizers and other dabbing products.

These are just two examples of our wide variety of apparel options… explore below for more!