Welcome to the Bee-Nails Rigs collections page. We take pride in the ability to offer both heady vape rigs that are handmade by incredible Colorado glass artists and glassblowers as well as much more affordable imported glass vape rigs that are made by larger manufacturers with extremely efficient assembly processes. All of these rigs pair extremely well with our electric nails, e-nails, and e-rig style vape pens.

The owners of Bee-Nails personally meet with local glass blowers and also travel to China to meet with manufacturers of any imported pieces that we carry on our website. This is to ensure that every dab rig that hits Bee-Nails.com is of the highest quality whether it's handmade by a local glass artist or it's imported from overseas. 

The only reason we choose to import some of our dab rigs is because some of our customers aka colony members can't afford or simply don't want to spend upwards of $200 on a dab rig and they can get just about the same functionality with a much more affordable imported vape rig. 

All of our vape rigs make the perfect match for any Bee-Nails e-nail or portable vape pen. As always, let us know if you have any questions and Bee Your Best!