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E-Nail Accessories

Welcome to the E-Nail Accessories page where you can find any and all accessories that we carry for our electric nails. This includes but is not limited to different types of vape nails like a titanium nail, quartz nail, or ceramic nail that is specially designed to fit your electronic nail coil. We also have our industry exclusive 3-in-1 Trinity Nail which is a titanium nail base that comes with interchangeable quartz and ceramic dishes. This allows you to have a titanium enail, ceramic enail, and quartz enail all in one product. 

We carry a variety of e-nail coils like our flat coil, 20mm heating coil, and 25mm Quartz E-Banger Coil. Additional e-nail accessories include silicone  mats and containers along premium and affordable dab nails and dab carb caps. 

Along with the e-nail accessories and electric nails you will also find premium dabbing rigs, both imported and American made dabbing rigs that are handblown by local Colorado glassblowers. Any of your vaping needs Bee-Nails has your back! We also have brand merchandise that will help you look, feel, and BEE your best!