Welcome to the Bee-Nails GoBees page. Our GoBees are our award winning and most versatile portable vape pen. Since 2017, the GoBee has revolutionized what a dab pen looks, feels, and smokes like. 

The main reason the GoBee leads the industry in best dab pens is because of it's versatility. You can take the GoBee in it's normal form of a dab vape pen in your pocket on the go. You can transform it into a gangster looking portable e-nail with our GoBee water recycler. And, you can transform it into a portable dab rig with our patent pending U-Joint attachment. On top of that, the base of the vape pen battery is also a universal 510 thread that can fit any oil cartridge or wax cartomizer. 

The GoBee also is in a league of its own when it comes to a wax dab pen because it activates with a touch sensor! Your dual quartz coil atomizer will vaporize your cannabis concentrates within seconds and you can dial it into to your desired heat with three different temperature settings. It's just like finding your perfect temperature with your desktop e-nail setup except now you dab on the go. 

Learn why we our dab pens for sale lead the industry and join the Colony today! 

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