Nails & Carb Caps

Welcome to the Bee-Nails Vape Nails & Carb Caps page. Here you will find the perfect vape nail that will pair perfectly with your trusted e-nail. The type of vape nail that you use with your electric nail matters depending on what you value most. In summary, there are three primary vaping nails - titanium, ceramic, and quartz. 

On this page you will also find out industry exclusive trinity nails that give you all 3-in-1. This way you can enjoy having a titanium e-nail, ceramic e-nail, and a quartz e-nail all in one product. 

The main differences between the three elements are their levels of durability and flavor. Quartz Dab Nails will have the most flavor with the least durability while titanium vape nails will have the most durability with the least flavor. Ceramic vape nails are a happy medium right in between. 

Enjoy our different styles of vape nails that range between classic domeless styles as well as quartz bucket styles like our quartz banger nail that is specifically made for all of our electric nails. We pair most of our dab nails as dab nail sets that come with the perfect carb cap that is used to cap your dab nail as you consume, similar to a carb on a flower pipe. Feel free to mix and match as you please and let us know your thoughts in our reviews.