Trinity Universal Nail - 3 In 1 Hybrid

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The Bee-Nails Trinity Nail Set solves every dabbers dilemma.... Ti? Quartz? Ceramic? Bee-Nails says how about all three? Enjoy durability and flavor simultaneously with the Trinity Nail. This titan sized titanium base dish is designed to fit your two interchangeable quartz and ceramic dishes perfectly. Select your dish, screw down your top screw, and taste the Trinity!

  • Fits 20mm Heating Coils
  • Medical Grade 2 Titanium Nail, Carb Cap, and Dabber
  • Interchangeable Quartz Dish
  • Interchangeable Ceramic Dish
  • One Trinity Nail Screw
  • 1-inch Diameter Dish
  • 6 in 1 Universal Nail
  • Universal: Fits 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm male and female joints
  • Heat Sink

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