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Portable Accessories

 Welcome to the Bee-Nails Portable Accessories Page. Here you will find all accessories and vaporizer components for your portable vape pen that comes with a lifetime warranty and bee happy guarantee. 

The GoBee is the best wax vape pen in the industry because of its' versatility and functionality. No wax vape pen can transform into a portable enail for delicious electric vaping on the go like the GoBee can. You will find the attachments for the GoBee here like our GoBee recycler and GoBee U-Joint that give your portable vape pen more of a portable vape rig feel. You can also find all atomizers and mouthpieces for the GoBee too and the flavor on those makes it like you are hitting a quartz enail at home. 

This page is also where you will find your Stinger accessories like our cartomizer which functions like a 510 dab pen cartridge and it's better for the environment! Some of our accessories are universale so they can fit your wax vape pen or oil vape pen even if they are from a different company!

As always, if you have any questions about any of our e-nail or portable vape pen products do not hesitate to reach out to our incredible customer service team. Thanks for being a part of the Colony and Bee Your Best!