GoBee Plus - Portable Wax Vaporizer - Black/Gold
GoBee Plus - Portable Wax Vaporizer - Black/Gold

GoBee Plus - Portable Wax Vaporizer - Black/Gold

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Dabs have never been as simple as with the Bee-Nails GoBee Plus Portable Wax Vaporizer — or as stylish as this golden gem.

  • With an indestructible metal top, metal stand, two extra atomizers and two extra glass mouthpieces, you can enjoy an entire dab set on the go with ease.
  • Enjoy high temp or low temp wax vapor with our three different temperature settings using our sleek touch sensor.
  • Pair this dab pen with our GoBee recycler to have the power and functionality of a full-blown dab rig set up in your hand.
  • Enjoy the option between three temperature levels for your optimal vaping experience.

With the best concentrate pen for delicious dabs on the go, you can GoBee adventurous on your favorite trail, GoBee creative at your studio  — GoBee anywhere with your GoBee portable vaporizer! This is your adventure...GoBee you.


  • Ceramic Chamber with Dual Quartz Rod Coils
  • Precise Heating Technology
  • Three (3) Temperature Settings Low, Medium, and High
  • High Tech Touch Sensor Battery
  • 1500 mAh Battery
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Titanium Dabber
  • Magnetic GoBee Storage Box
  • GoBee User Manual
  • 2 Extra Atomizer
  • 1 Extra Rubber Band Set
  • 1 Vaporizer Stand
  • 2 Extra Atomizers
  • 2 Glass Mouthpieces
  • 1 Metal Mouthpiece

Join the Colony and see what all the BUZZ is about! For more information about our GoBee please feel free to check out our YouTube Instructional Video. We want to keep you informed about all of our E-Nails, Rigs, E-Rigs, Rosin Presses, Nails, & Vaporizers. You can also contact us at 844-Bee-Nail or email us at info@bee-nails.com.