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The Colony Affiliate Program

We are proud to announce that our Bee-Nails Affiliate Program is officially up and running! Not sure what an affiliate program is? Let me ask you, are you a colony member that absolutely LOVES your Bee-Nails product? Are you constantly telling your friends about your e-nail set up or let them rip your GoBee everywhere you go? Well if you show Bee-Nails love like this, we believe you should get some love back!

Sign up today for our Bee-Nails Affiliate Program. It’s quick and easy, once we approve your account, you will receive a special affiliate link that leads to Bee-Nails.com. Share this link with friends and family when you are talking about our products. Anytime someone makes a purchase on our site (within 30 days) of using YOUR affiliate link, your paid 10% of that sale! It’s that easy!