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How To Wrap Your Bee-Nail

 Bee-Nails v1.0 Replacement Wraps

Bee-Nails v2.0 Replacement Wraps 

NOTE: This method works with both v1.0 and v2.0 Bee-Nails Control Boxes.  The positioning of the wrap may change slightly between versions but the technique shown in this video can be used for either model.


  1. Carefully remove rubber feet and your old wrap from your Bee-Nail control box. (Rubber feet can be re-used)
  2. Remove slowly to get it off clean and in one piece.
  3. Make sure your Bee-Nails control box is clean and most of the old sticky wrap is gone. (Cleaning optional)
  4. Line up front graphic to the control box to see how the wrap should set on the box.
  5. Find your starting point on the control box and make note of its location to the edge of the wrap.
  6. This starting point is usually located by the screw in the corner of the front and back of the control box
  7. Orient your Bee-Nails control box top down with the Digital Display facing to the right. 👉🏼
  8. Remove wrap from its sticker back and carefully align the proper edge to your starting point you found from step 3.
  9. Align your wrap straight and centered to your starting point and firmly stick down the edge of your new wrap to the control box.
  10. Pull the wrap tight and lightly press the wrap down to the control box, one side at a time to avoid wrinkles.
  11. Take your time and if the wrap seems to not be straight, simply unstick and re-center.
  12. Once you have stuck your wrap to all sides and it seems aligned properly, firmly press the wrap down on all sides for a nice seal.
  13. Re-apply your rubber feet and enjoy your newly wrapped Bee-Nail!