PACT ACT - Banning Shipment of ALL Vape Products

Dear Colony, 
I regret to inform you that Bee-Nails as you know it can be no least for now. 
HERE is some information about the PACT Act which essentially makes it a crime for us to continue shipping you any type of electronic vaporizer product without incurring massive costs, thorough age verification, and monthly reporting to the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. 
I honestly don't know how things will look for Bee-Nails moving forward but what I do know is that with you, the Colony, supporting us like you have the last six years, we are capable of anything. 
At this time, after Saturday, March 27, 2021, we will stop selling and shipping any electronic vaporizer product until further notice!
For now, we will only sell non electric merchandise like our rigs, nails, and swag. 

Your lifetime warranty will not be effected at this time. We can still have you ship back any defective products and we can repair them for you since this is not a new sale and does not break any rules. We will charge you a warranty service fee which is not a sale of any new product. 

*If Bee-Nails officially announces the discontinuing of a product line, then the lifetime warranty will expire once Bee-Nails no longer carries any stock of the particular product or components of the particular product.*

This is a devastating act that is hurting our Colony like nothing before but we will get through this. We will of course keep you updated as we learn more about how our industry can move forward. 
Bee Your Best, 
Ali, Founder & CEO