Artist Series: The Helix
Artist Series: The Helix
Artist Series: The Helix
Artist Series: The Helix
Artist Series: The Helix
Artist Series: The Helix

Artist Series: The Helix

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BEEhold! Bee-Nails is proud to introduce our first Artist Series: The Helix, Hive Set. The Bee-Nails Artist Series is a limited edition Hive Set that includes your choice of nail and silicone color. Our highest quality Bee-Nails eNail is hand wrapped with the Exclusive Helix Wrap. Designed by artist L.Sparks from Ft. Collins, CO. The Helix Wrap was inspired by the large planetary nebula, the Helix Nebula.  Also known as the "Eye of God".  It's beautiful rainbow of colors melt together in this complex three-dimensional structure as if you are in an underwater cave looking up towards the light. A white beam shines thru the Bee-Nails mandala which creates a balancing visual element centered on the top of the wrap. The mandala symbolizes unity while also representing the universe as a whole. It is a reminder that we are all connected and there is something much greater than us out there.

 The featured Rig is handblown by Shwayze Glass of our hometown, Fort Collins, CO.  It includes an etched Colorado mountainscape, with a custom Bee-Nails dichroic metal bead. The 90 degree fixed shower head perk gives smooth hits and no drag.

Both the wrap and rig are limited edition collector's items that will not be reproduced after these are sold. With this series, you get the opportunity of owning 1 of only 10 sets ever made and the set comes with a badge of exclusivity signed by the artist.

  • 9 anchor height
  • 4 inch diameter
  • 18mm male Joint
  • Showerhead perk
  • Scientific glass
  • Bee-Nails Magnetic Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Bee-Nails Digital Temperature Control Box with Dual USB Ports
  • 20mm Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil (5 Feet; FITS ALL BEE-NAILS.COM NAILS)
  • Power Cord (5 feet)
  • Lifetime Warranty Upgrade Included
  • Free Shipping in Continental U.S
  • Nail & Carb Cap of Your Choice
  • Bee-Nails Silicone Dab Mat (8.5” x 12”)
  • Bee-Nails Dab Container
  • Exclusive Artist Series Badge of Authenticity
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