Bee-Nails Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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After a nice rip from your Bee-Nails e-nail or vape pen you may have a little cotton mouth so we have a solution for you! Introducing our Bee Your Best Bee-Nails Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

If you want to be performing at your best, whether that’s at work, playing sports, or just going about your daily routines, ensuring you’re hydrated properly allows your mind and body to operate at their peak. Of course, you may also want to have your GoBee wax pen handy as well. 

Bee-Nails has evolved from just offering the best pens and enails in the industry to also offering what we believe are some of the best products that help you Bee Your Best! We are made up of over 70% water and hydration is so underrated. Keep your bottle on you like you keep your vape pen on you and you will naturally drink more water because it's there. Cheers to tasty electric nail rips and hydration!


Bee Your Best with our NEW Bee-Nails water bottles! 


- Eco Friendly

- Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

- Stainless Steel

- 500ML

- Will keep liquid hot or cold for 6hrs.

- Inner liner is food grade material.

- Non-slip bottle bottom.