Bee-Nails Terp Pearls

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  Bee-Nails Terp pearls are small glass or quartz balls that can be added to your quartz banger to improve the vaporization of concentrates. This is achieved by the terp pearls spinning in your banger nail as you inhale which causes the vapor and tiny particles to stir resulting in more even heating. Terp pearls in quartz bangers are very similar to percolators in rigs, vapor filtration and water filtration.

  This also keeps your product from pooling up in one spot of your quartz banger that may result in burning. However, this is really rare when using an electric nail because your enail coil provides perfectly even heat all the way around.

  These Bee-Nails terp pearls are recommended to be used with our quartz bangers only. There is no use for a terp pearl in any titanium nail, ceramic nail, or domeless style quartz nail. We highly recommend using the terp pearls with our larger 25mm banger and e-nail because there is more room but it is also possible to use them with our 20mm quartz banger which would only require one pearl. The larger 25mm quartz banger is recommended to use two or three. Enjoy the best tasting low temp rips with perfect heat using our terp pearls that come in one, two, and five packs!

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