L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit

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The L.I.P Hive E-Nail Kit is our ultimate package with hand selected favorite products from the bee nails team making it the best kit of 2021. With all Bee-Nails Hive E-Nails Kits, everything will be pretested to fit perfectly right out of the box. 

Enjoy the incycler v2.0 with incredible functionality and a beautiful cyclone function with some BEEautiful hang time. This glass rig is hand crafted by local glassblower L.I.P glass in Denver, Colorado. See his amazing work of rigs and more work HERE

Your nail is the only three-in-one nail in the industry, the trinity nail. You can enjoy titanium, ceramic, and quartz all with one nail. This Enail kit comes with everything you need for it to be the best kit of 2020. Join the colony and see what all the bee your best philosophy is all about!


  • Custom Bee-Nails v2.0 E-Nail
  • Incycler 2.0 Handcrafted by LIP Glass
  • 20mm Mini XLR Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil (5-feet)
  • E-Nail Power Cord (5-feet)
  • Bee-Nails Silicone Mat (8.5” X 12”)
  • Bee-Nails Silicone Container
  • Trinity Nail Set
  • User Manual
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Click HERE for Titanium testing results


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