Space Lava Drone Kit | E-Nail Kit

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The Bee-Nails Space Lava Drone Kit is a perfect choice for the consumer who already has a beloved rig. Throw away that torch and prepare for the best e-nail experience of your life! This Space Lava e-nail kit has a powerful and fiery vibe with the red on black electric nail design. 

The Bee-Nails bee represents community and personal power and part of personal power if your fire or lava! This can also signify the scorching hot temperatures your e-nail can reach in the blink of an eye! This unique electronic nail design comes with a nice red matching silicone that makes it pop in a way that adds value to any station!

All of our Drone kits come with our award winning Bee-Nails electronic nail, your choice of a Bee-Nails nail set with carb cap, and then a matching food grade silicone mat and container. All you will need to complete this incredible electric nail kit is your high quality rig. Make sure your rig can fit the nails that come with our drone kits. Our titanium nail and trinity nail are universal but our ceramic and quartz bangers are 14mm male. 


  • Custom Bee-Nail V2.0 Digital Control Box
  • 20mm mini XLR Kevlar Wrapped Heating Coil (5-feet)
  • Power Cord (5-feet)
  • Your Choice of Nail
  • Bee-Nails Silicone Mat (8.5” X 12”)
  • Bee-Nails Silicone Container
  • User Manual 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

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